Giftwrapping with Architects

Origami is an awesome artform! In transforming flat paper into intricate three dimensional shapes, it marries craftsmanship with a beautiful sort of mathematical ingenuity. To an architect, origami is not only a source of inspiration, but also a reflection of the very essence of architecture itself. It is the perfect metaphor to express what we try to achieve with Biotop: ideas, rigor and accessible materials that are transformed into things of beauty as well as practical use.

About the authors

As an architect Ralf Bliem has a special interest in generative planing processes and modular design. He studied architecture at the UT Vienna and TU Berlin, also he worked at renowned architecture offices in Berlin and Vienna. Ralf is a co-founder of Biotop and at the moment he works with Biotop on the modular design of labs and some more interesting tasks.

Lukas Hutter studied chemistry in Graz and Systems Biology at the University of Oxford. He is a co-founder of Biotop and works as a teacher in Villach.

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