See the invisible

A peek behind the scenes

Here we would like to give you a peek behind the scenes of how we put together our exhibition “See the invisible”. We came up with the concept and gathered together the individual contributions during our November meeting (read about it in this blog post).

Given that we all live in separate places, we had to find a good way of orangising and coordinating tasks remotely. We decided to use the project planning app “Trello” for this purpose and created an in silico plan for our exhibition. Ralf drew up a floor plan and experimented with different ways of arranging the exhibits.

Then we went about making our plans a reality. At first we had to prepare the exhibition space. Our special thanks goes out to our friends Claudio Katholnig, Nicole Kienleitner, Martin Putz, Christian Pobaschnig, and Philipp Otte for their help! Some tender loving care and a good slap of paint were necessary but take a look at the results - the room soon started to look like a gallery space.

Meanwhile Michael and Lukas built all the furniture required for the exhibition (benches, plinths, display boards and a table) from scratch.

Finally, display items went up on the walls.

And we repurposed some left-over pieces of back-projection foil as light diffusers.

We are ready!

Photos by Ralf Bliem & Lukas Hutter

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