Color Quest

Our entry for the Science Comics for Kids competition by the Austrian Academy of Sciences

DONE! And just in time! Late on Friday 15th February 2019, we submitted our entry for the “Science Comics for Kids” competition by the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW).

Our story is about a little girl who loves to draw. One day due to a weird accident all her colours disappear. She goes on a quest to bring her colours back, and learns something about the science behind colour along the way.

The idea for “Color Quest” has been brewing for a while now. Actually, it came up during our very first Biotop meeting in July 2017. We initially thought it would be a childrens’ book with illustrations, then re-considered and imaged the story in the form of a graphic novel. Now we have turned it into a 20-page comic for kids between the ages of 8-11. A collective brainchild of essentially all Biotop members, Wolfi has now translated this loose collection of ideas into a consistent story told in a beautiful set of drawings. Granted, he had a little help from Luki and Anna during the last couple of stressful weeks. We met up a couple of times and discussed how best to visualise concepts such as “wave-particle duality”, “absorption” and “fluorescence”. Going through this process was actually really interesting. Take a look at how ideas gradually evolved below:

From Wolfi’s sketchbook:

(The Mantis Shrimp character)

Workshop in Salzburg:

Update from XX Unfortunately, we did not win

Photos/Drawings: Wolfgang Schütz, Anna Köferle, Lukas Hutter

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