Human Nature

Film screening in collaboration with Filmstudio Villach followed by a panel discussion

When: 19.12.2019 20:15

Where: Stadtkinocenter Villach

“Human Nature” is a new documentary film about the development and applications of the genome editing tool CRISPR/CAS9. This novel technology enables the precise modification of genetic material inside an organism, allowing both changes to the biosphere as well as editing of the human genome. While this method has the potential to cure many genetic diseases, it also raises a plethora of ethical questions. What exactly is “normal” as opposed to “diseased”? Should genetic self-optimisation be allowed?

“Human Nature” details the discoveries underlying this new technology, discusses its strengths and limitations. Interviews with Scientists, bioengineers and patients who might one day benefit from CRISPR’s medical applications shed light on the opportunities and challenges ahead.

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