Biotop Meeting

CoQuartier Villach

The very first Biotop-Meeting

Lukas Hutter
Anna Köferle
Andreas Körner
Kilian Rieder
Ha Thi Hoang
Christine Marizzi
Ralf Bliem
Anna Ritscher
Anna Resch
Anna Wächter-Mittersteiner
Birgit Ungerböck
Josef Ehgartner
Herwig Scherabon
Wolfgang Schütz
Martin Fera
Martin Schnabl
Ursula Smole
Korab Qerkini
Ylli Qerkini
Martin Dueller

So, this happened. The first ever Biotop meeting took place in Villach last weekend (28th-30th July 2017). Around 20 people who had each individually voiced their interest in joining the Biotop family but had (bar a few exceptions) never met in person descended on our small town to forge new friendships, set up collaborations and get some projects off the ground. People came to Villach from various different places including London, Oxford, Munich, Vienna, Graz, Salzburg (some participants from New York and Oxford joined the meeting online) and brought expertise in a variety of backgrounds with them.