Meet Biotop

Biotop Pop-Up Office, Gerbergasse 3, A-9500 Villach, Austria

Meet members of Biotop in person and celebrate a successful year 2018 with us!

Lukas Hutter
Anna Köferle
Ralf Bliem
Anna Ritscher
Anna Wächter-Mittersteiner
Mariangela Panniello
Roberto Maffulli
Kilian Rieder

2018 has been an exciting and eventful year for Biotop. To celebrate this occasion and to provide a sneek peek into 2019, we’d like to cordially invite you to visit us in our temporary office at Gerbergasse 3 in Villach. Starting at 6 pm, you can expect a program composed of a little look back at Biotop in 2018, and science slams by a neuroscientist, a molecular biologist, a fluid dynamics engineer and an archaeologist, who are coming to Villach especially for this occasion.