Biotop Kick-Off Meeting

The first ever Biotop meeting (28th-30th July 2017)

Anna Köferle

2 minute read

So, this happened. The first ever Biotop meeting took place in Villach last weekend (28th-30th July 2017). Around 20 people who had each individually voiced their interest in joining the Biotop family but had (bar a few exceptions) never met in person descended on our small town to forge new friendships, set up collaborations and get some projects off the ground. People came to Villach from various different places including London, Oxford, Munich, Vienna, Graz, Salzburg (some participants from New York and Oxford joined the meeting online) and brought expertise in a variety of backgrounds with them.

Lukas Hutter

1 minute read

We’re happy to welcome you to our new website! At the moment it is available in English and German, but we hope soon to be able to publish content in Slovenian and Italian as well.

Lukas Hutter

4 minute read

To many young scientists, the prospect of pursuing a career in academia has become a scary one. They’ve all seen idealistic young academics keen on changing how academia works from within, their grand ideas gradually stripped from them when attempting to balance personal and professional life while trying to meet the demands of tenure track committees and funding agencies. Science is an endeavour that should be abound with idealism and innovative thinking, yet how come that so many young researchers have become so disillusioned nowadays?